Why read? 📖

A rhetorical question. Through the years, reading has proved its importance by being a source of benefits to anyone willing to take advantage of them.

For my first post, I thought about summing up my favorite reasons for which reading is one of the most healthy and beautiful hobbies. 🙂

1. It prevents mental illnesses.

I’m sure no one would like waking up old and suffering of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. And no one will, as long as they read, considering that books help building new brain cells and connections between them, this way keeping the brain healthy.

2. It expands one’s vocabulary. 

Everyone likes amazing people with their fine language. And what’s a better way to master that language than flipping through pages filled with thousands of fancy words? Learning new terms and phrases will not only help you make a good impression at interviews or in life, in general, but they’ll also give your confidence a boost and you’ll kill two birds with one stone. 😉

3. It improves memory.

Usually when you read, you have to remember a decent amount of information like plot lines, characters and their backgrounds, links between events and so on. Every new memory strengthens the synapses (the bridges between the nerve cells), making the learning process become easier.

4. It reduces stress. 

By reading, we let ourselves float in an imaginary world, therefore separating ourselves from the daily problems that concern us. The cortisol  (a hormone responsible for the stress levels) drops, replaced by calmness. Not to mention that self-help books are known to soften down depression and anxiety.

5. It sharpens the analytical skills.

We analyze all the time when we read. Is the plot interesting? Does the action lead somewhere? Do the characters experience personal development?  Soon, we get used to analyzing anything in any context. But do we need to, you might ask? Yes, if we want to take the best decisions and learn as much as we can about our surroundings.

6. It enhances the empathy.

By stepping into the characters we read about’s shoes, we become more understanding people and we learn to accept and validate other people’s feelings, opinions and perspectives, that are different from ours. Long live the inter-human relationships!

This is it for now. Go and enjoy your books! ❤


2 thoughts on “Why read? 📖

  1. Minunat! Fabulos!
    Un prim post asa cutesy. Il ador! Ador cum scrii!
    De-abia astept sa vad si alte postari.
    Great job!
    (P.S. Poza e facuta de tine? Ador si poza!!)


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