Summer reads 🌞

Or…end of the summer reads. Because there’s only one month left of it. I’m crying. And so are you, probably. And that’s why I’m here now, recommending some books to beautify your moments of relaxation.

The books I’ve chosen are YA and Contemporary, they’re easy to read and they have enchanting stories guaranteed to get rid of boredom.


Let’s start with “Just listen”, by Sarah Dessen, as it’s my fave out of this group. The story belongs to Annabel, a teenager that used to have everything, but that  is not doing so well right now. Her best friend left her, her sister suffers of an eating disorder and her parents don’t seem to pay attention to what she wants from life or from them. But when Owen shows up, everything begins to change…

“Just listen”  is an extremely emotional novel that has amusing moments and that’s hard to put down. Every subjects that it suggests (anger, fury, music, family relationships, love) is approached greatly, in a way that can be described by one word in particular: healing, considering that, for its characters, the book is a journey made out of baby steps towards happiness. The characters are realistic and I believe that anyone would find bits of themselves in them. Shortly, here you have a perfect book.

Moving on, we meet“Amy and Roger’s epic detour”, that indeed will wake up in you a crazy wish to travel. A wish that Amy doesn’t share. She has to drive to the other side of the country, where she is going to live, to deliver her mom their car. But since her dad died, Amy has been afraid of being behind the wheel. And here steps in Roger, her new driver.

Aside from the adorable pictures and playlists sprinkled throughout the book, the read has a lot of aspects working in its favor. The love story is cute, the interactions between Amy and Roger are comical and, even if the protagonist is a little immature, we also encounter some deep topics, like the reason why Amy wouldn’t drive or her brother’s rehab. All in all, you wanna read this book.

“Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of The Universe” is a little different. Based on LGBT hues, the book tells a story about self-discovery, rather than about love, the romance being accentuated in the end. The main subject is the discovery of the sexual orientation, followed by the reaction lived afterwards. The relationship between Ari and Dante is pretty simple. They start as friends, only to discover that their friendship has something more about it.  The novel is surrounded by a warm and cosy atmosphere, and a part of it is due to Ari’s parents, that are kind, open-minded and unprejudiced. Just lovely!

Also from the category of out of bounds love, we have “Eleanor and Park”, a story about  a first love lived by two freaks, according to 1986’s society. At only 16 years old, they have to confront more than homework: abuse, discrimination and bullying. But despite these and being aware of everything that can go wrong, they’re still trying to make the best out of meeting each other and enjoy their realistic, awkward and honest relationship. A perfect read for John Green fans that are looking for something more on the romantic side.

There you have it. Now read the hell out of this summer! 😺


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