Book-haul 📚

You know that empty feeling you get when you know you won’t be buying books in the near future? And how it fades away when you finally do, sooner than expected? Yeah, pure happiness.

So that’s what happened to me a few days ago, when I finally got the chance  to spoil myself with no less than seven books! And even tho August will be more of a read-for-school month, that doesn’t mean I can’t stare at them and admire their beauty, right?


So the first book is actually a graphic-novel and I’ve already read it. “Persepolis:The story of a childhood” is Marjane Satrapi’s biography that contains her memories from growing up in Iran, during the Islamic Revolution. The story is really captivating and emotional. Made my heart ache and give it 5/5 stars.

Next we have “Mosquitoland”. I’ve been dying to read this since I first heard about it. It’s about a girl whose parents are divorced, that lives with her father and that finds out her mother’s sick. She goes on a road trip to see her, discovering herself along the way. Can’t wait to get to it!

“The Wrath and The Dawn” is a retelling of “A thousand and one nights”, about a girl that volunteers to marry the king that kills his wives on a daily basis, when her friend is chosen. Mostly, I’ve heard good things about this, so I’m really excited to read it!

“Daughter of smoke and bone” is the story of Karou, a blue haired girl who wants to discover her origins and species. The she meets Akiva, probably an unearthly being,and  things start to get interesting. Everyone praises this book, so I guess it must be really good.

“Being Audrey Hepburn” is a chick-lit one, about a girl who’s obsessed with Audrey Hepburn, that makes her way into Manhattan’s elite by becoming something she’s not. You can already tell there’s gonna be drama. Hope I enjoy it.

Sylvia Day’s “One with you” is the final book of the “Crossfire” series (which I would describe as the improved version of “Fifty shades of Grey”), hence there’s nothing to tell about it that’s not spoilery. But I will say that I finished it a few days ago and gave it 5/5 stars. Great ending.

“Illuminae” is surely the book I’m most excited about, due to its well-known quote that conquers the internet:“You have me. Until ever last star in the galaxy dies. You have me.” So, so, so beautiful! Not to mention that it has such a unique format. I don’t know much about it, only that there are two ex-lovers, that are not standing each other, that are forced to work together in order to save their people. And it’s also set in space. Got big expectations for it.

That’s all. I wish you all endless book-hauls! 💎


2 thoughts on “Book-haul 📚

  1. Aloha, mai întâi ^.^ Mă bucur mult să-ți văd blogul și vreau să știi că ador pozele făcute de tine ❤

    Well… Persepolis mi-a fost recomandată de nu-știu-câte-ori, dar parcă nu-mi vine s-o citesc încă :/ Descătușarea nu-i chiar pe gustul meu, iar de Illuminae am auzit și eu numai cuvinte de laudă și sincer mă cam tentează s-o citesc, deși pare cam SF (nu-s chiar o fană a genului). Pe celelalte le am pe wishlist și sper să le pot achiziționa cât mai repede ^.^

    Spre final, am o leapșa pe care ți-am pasat-o și ție (http://dianamirancea.blogspot.ro/2016/08/the-pokemon-go-book-tag.html) sper să-ți placă și să ai timp s-o faci ^.^

    Lectură plăcutăăăă!



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